Col·lecció vestuari popular

The Virtual Fashion Museum of Catalonia, an initiative of the Fundació Lluís Carulla, shows 16 garments provided by the Anchovy and the Salt Museum. Most of them are on show in Can Cintu Xuà Fishermen’s House.

The Virtual Fashion Museum is a cultural project which has the aim of bringing together and showing the history of Catalan garments on a virtual platform. Each garment shown is accompanied by its technical specifications, bibliography and other complementary information such as what it was used for or who made it, so that you can contextualise and understand the period in which they were worn. The information that each garment gives allows you to put it into context, observe it and understand it in its time. In the same way, the photographs that accompany them allow you to see the details and the intricacies of each piece, showing parts that were often hidden when they are on display, such as the inside or the seams.

The hundreds of pieces that you can see come from more than 30 museums in Catalonia, including the Anchovy and the Salt Museum. You can check it out at

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